What We Do

Strategy, Structure and Campaigns tailored for HE

The Twig team has delivered strategy, marketing and organisational development programs for more than half of Australia's universities over the past decade, as well a a broad range of providers in the VET sector. Much of our work revolves around organisational change, strategic development and implementation and also creative development for campaigns. Established in 2010 as Australia's first marketing and strategy consultancy for the higher education sector, the Twig team are proud to have sustained long relationships with many clients, building trust, knowledge and results. In addition to project work, Reviews and coaching that keep our days busy, the Twig team also partners with selected leaders in the higher education sector to deliver customised online conferences and new strategic approaches to data.

Our services:

Find your footing in rapidly-evolving markets. Partner with us to develop a unique evidence-based marketing strategy that inspires your audience to action and helps to achieve organisational goals.

Understand what your key audiences are really thinking – and let us build an evidence-based strategy so you can improve outcomes.

We have conducted market research with students, future students, staff and other stakeholders in every State and Territory of Australia, and also at a range of international locations.

Turn your content ideas until reality with traditional photos & videos or drone photos & videos for social media content, print media, website, conference presentation & sales presentations.

Our videos, photos and copy has been published in books, newspapers, websites, social media campaigns for universities and VET sector providers across Australia.

We analyse the structure and function of key operational areas – and specialise in improving effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing and sales teams.

Tim Winkler has conducted 16 Reviews in higher education organisations across the country.

You need a site to delight and posts that don’t set your audiences yawning. We want your online presence to be fresh and effective – and if not cliche free, then at least cliche-lite.

We have extensive experience in developing content strategies to work across multiple platforms, as well as measurement approaches to determine the effectiveness of your online presence.

Presentations, pitches and crises each become easier to handle with strategy and expert training.

Twig Director Tim Winkler has delivered a unique media training program to more than 900 people in higher education institutions across the country, with outstanding results.

The Twig program draws on Tim’s experience as an award-winning journalist, work in government media relations and track record during 19 years in the higher education sector.