New event provides info lifeline for Class of 2020

A new Change of Preference Expo will provide fresh opportunities for year 12 students to choose the university that best suits their needs following a year of almost unprecedented disruption and difficulty across the country.

Recognising the challenges that all year 12 students have faced in engaging with universities and TAFEs to work out their study choices, as well as the complexities of recent changes to higher education pricing, Good Education Media and Twig Marketing have announced a series of Change of Preference Expos across Australia, to be held in December.

“The class of 2020 have gone through some incredible challenges, with remote learning, legislative changes and often not even getting the chance to hear from each university and TAFE, so they can work out where they want to study next year,” Good Education CEO Mr Chris Lester said.

“We have contact with more than five million people each year across our sites, looking for information about future study options, and it’s clear that this year, there is incredibly strong demand for students and their parents wanting to know more.

“Year 12 students need some extra support this year, and these Change of Preference events will enable students to get really practical advice about courses, at a time when they have their results in their hands.”

Change of Preference Expos catering to the needs of students in specific States and Territories will be held online after year 12 students receive their results across Australia:

  • NSW & ACT 21 December 2020
  • SA&NT 21 December 2020
  • QLD 22 December 2020
  • WA 22 December 2020
  • VIC 30 December 2020

Twig Marketing and Good Education have partnered to hold the Expos, following the development of a successful series of Virtual Open Days for a range of clients – recognising the demand from students for more information after a challenging year.

“Many haven’t set foot on a tertiary campus this year, and have been juggling their learning, social life and university considerations online,” Twig Marketing Director Tim Winkler said.

“Our Change of Preference Expos will be online, enabling students to connect direct with university and TAFE staff, regardless of whether they are celebrating their results at the beach, relaxing in between movies or sorting out their Christmas shopping.

“After a difficult year, students are bound to love the chance to sort out all their university questions with a quick online expo visit – connecting via messaging or video chat directly to unis and getting their questions answered.

“The Change of Preference Expos will undoubtedly be a really important check in point for students, regardless of whether they get results that are better than expected, or not quite as good as they thought.”